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Healthy living inside out
August 4, 2016
HEALTHCARE administrator Ms Janiz Goh, 42, has often been complimented for looking much younger than her age and she has her father to thank for that. Mr Goh, who worked in the pharmaceutical industry, often reminded his only child during[...]
10 Effortless ways to defy your skins age
July 19, 2016
Source   There’s no such thing as a fountain of youth, but here are the next best alternatives to defy your skin’s age – and they don’t have to involve an elaborate 20-step skincare routine!   1. Avoid straws Any[...]
10 celebrities anti aging secrets that you can secrets that you can practice at home too
July 19, 2016
Some women go to the ends of the earth to keep the dreaded laugh lines at bay, from pricey procedures like Botox to bizarre methods like stabbing their face with a dozen acupuncture needles. If you were them, you’d stop[...]
The anti aging journey of a fabulous 56
July 19, 2016
Radiant and happy at 56 years old, Patricia never fails to give strangers a big surprise. She shares, “When I went for a job interview last time, the interviewers were all shocked when they heard my age. They thought I[...]
July 19, 2016
It’s fascinating listening to my girlfriends talk about their beauty philosophies-what they’re willing to shell out on and what they’ll skim on. I’ve come to realize that there’s no definite right or wrong way, our priorities shift over the years.[...]
Simple makeup tricks to conceal wrinkles
July 19, 2016
Image Source: Flickr Creative Commons They say wrinkles tell our life’s stories. Great. Wrinkles also happen to tell our age…. Okay, this may not be so great.   But don’t fret! If you ever find yourself in some sticky situation[...]
Should I go for botox to stop my wrinkles
July 19, 2016
Getting skin wrinkles is part and parcel of aging. Although facial creams and serums can help moisturize and hydrate the skin from the outside, giving the illusion of less wrinkles, the true key to bouncy, youthful and healthy skin is[...]
The who when how of wrinkles
July 19, 2016
Image Source: ThinkStock If you’re like most other women in their mid-30s and 40s, staring into the mirror can seem like staring at a stranger. Whether it was the first time you tried to dye your hair, or started to[...]
8 ways to keep wrinkles at bay
July 19, 2016
Wrinkles are one of the problems on the forefront of our minds and on our faces. We see it every morning after we wake up, and every night before we go to bed. You might be tempted to hide or[...]
Discover the natural way to healthy cholesterol
July 19, 2016
Plant sterols are natural compounds found in plant foods that are clinically proven to maintain healthy cholesterol level. At the molecular level, plant sterols resemble human cholesterol and work by blocking the absorption of cholesterol — which comes from your[...]