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This is how you look ageless and fabulous
January 4, 2019
Have you ever stared at yourself in the mirror after a shower and worried about the ageing process? You then begin to tug your cheeks up with your fingers and consider having a facelift. You end up all vexed and[...]
The Fountain of Youth
January 4, 2019
For hundreds of years, humans have been pursuing the secret of longevity and immortality. The Chinese emperor Qin Shi Huang resorted to ingesting mercury tablets prescribed by his royal subjects and Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de Leon was in search[...]
Aging and why skincare matters
October 31, 2018
Author: Laurenzo Jude A Nightmare named ‘Aging’ It is a much-dreaded fact that our skin begins to deteriorate and lose its elasticity as we age. A simple skin test may be performed anywhere by pinching the skin on your forearm[...]
Ways to maintain fabulous-looking skin in your 40s
Ways to maintain fabulous-looking skin in your 40s
October 30, 2018
Author: Laurenzo Jude There are many factors that one must consider as they enter their 40s. Through observing the habits listed in this article, you might just slow down the aging process. Although some points do not directly deal with[...]
September 11, 2018
Whether it’s filling in flaws before transforming a room, choosing the right lingerie to rock that perfect little black dress, or embarking on a healthy diet and exercise routine to achieve a beach ready body, it’s what’s happening beneath the[...]
September 11, 2018
In today’s consumer world, we expect research, recommendations and a star rating to make any decision, from booking a holiday to buying a car. With the information available, we never have to ‘take a chance’ on our purchases. The same[...]
beauty sleep
How to wake up every morning looking like a goddess
August 22, 2016
By Dinah Seng Dreading the daily makeup routine in the mornings? These tips and tricks will help you effortlessly achieve the beauty you yearn! attapoljochosobig/ We’d all love to have just a little more beauty sleep, yet the cost of[...]
beauty health
Taking back the years: East vs West anti-aging strategies
August 22, 2016
By Dinah Seng While the question of retaining youth remains the same all over the world, the East and West have vastly different approaches to it! Find out where they really stand and what you can learn from both sides![...]
low-down on anti-aging tablets 1
All you need to know about anti-aging tablets
August 22, 2016
By Dinah Seng puhhha/ Can’t seem to get rid of those annoying wrinkles? Well don’t despair, there may just be a solution for you in anti-aging pills. If you’ve already spent countless hours applying expensive creams to no avail, or[...]
Ai Tin
65-Year old beautician shares her secrets to staying young
August 18, 2016
When we think of aging, it’s hard not to worry about what it can take from us – youth, energy, beauty and possibly more. But to Ai Tin, a groovy 65-year old beautician, and avid dancer, aging is not one[...]